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Mermaid Tale 2017

The latest of our annual dance productions, Mermaid Tale, was a take on the fairy tale Little Mermaid.

Behind the Scenes

After the auditions for the roles in Mermaid Tale, all the hard work begins. Our shows entail months of preparation choosing music, designing costumes, choreographing the dancing, singing and acting numbers and above all rehearsing tirelessly.

Show Night

On the night of the show hundreds of people attended to watch their family members and friends perform a vivid and captivating display of dancing, singing and acting. The show was a total success thanks to the hard work of all involved and the talent of our amazing pupils.

"It was a pleasure to film another spectacular show, well done again!" - Harrison Ford, AVP Filming & Photography Services.

All photos captured during rehearsals. Credit JLawrence Photography.

Bring on the Next Production!

If you'd like to see more photos of our 2017 show, Mermaid Tale, please see the gallery here. To find out more about being a part of our annual productions, please contact us here.